Build These Work Bench Helpers
By Sheldon Slusser
 *This work bench helper can be a blessing in disguise for when you are working on a painting project and it won’t cost you and arm and a leg to make.

Material List:
(1) 5” piece of 1”x4” pine
(3) small alligator clips
(2) small black wire clips
(1) 5”x1” piece of sandpaper
Step 1:
Drill 3 holes the size of the shank of your alligator clips across the top. If you keep it tight then you can easily replace them if needed.
Step 2:
Install the 2 black wire clips, these serve as a paint brush holder
Step 3:
Drill two holes that match the size of the paint bottles you use. These keep your bottles from being knocked over too easily.
Glue down the strip of sandpaper along the bottom edge.


*This helper is for glue, just squeeze a little in one of the caps and dip a toothpick in to get out what you need. The key here is to use a short piece of a wood shim so the caps sit on a slight incline.