Make a Sheet Steel Load for a Flat Car

By Sheldon Slusser

Material List:

Sheet Styrene – thickness is a personal preference to what you feel looks good

Scale Lumber – again personal preference (2x4, 4x4)

Steel colored paint

Gel type super glue

Rust colored wash

Step 1: Begin by cutting your styrene into strips about 8 scale feet wide. Next cut it to length, I chose 16 scale feet.


Step 2: Painting can either be by brush or airbrush. I used Polly S brand Tarnished Black to paint mine.

Step 3: Cut the scale lumber slightly longer than the width of the styrene so when assembled the lumber sticks out just a bit beyond the edge of the steel. Glue the wood cribbing approximately 3 feet in from each end as shown in the photo below.

Step 4: After drying for a few minutes you can begin to stack the sheets as shown in the next photo.

Step 5: Allow the stacks to dry for a few hours before applying the rust wash.


Here we have the finished loads mounted on a bulkhead flat car. These will also look great on a regular flat car or a gondola. The choice is yours.