N-TRAK modules are tables that "C" clamp together to form large N scale train layouts at conventions, shopping malls, club rooms, and as home layouts.  The basic module is two feet wide, four feet long, and 40" high.  There are adjustment bolts in the legs with a two-inch adjustment range. The three tracks are common to all modules and the same electrical connectors are used on all modules.  This makes setting up layouts a quick job.  There are optional sizes and track locations to give a great deal of flexibility to the system.

Modelers from all over the world can build modules, bring them to a show, connect to the next module, and become part of a giant N scale layout. To be sure that each module fits the next one to it, a set of standards has been worked out.


T-TRAK is a modular model railroad system based on a few standards for module size, track placement, track interface, and electrical connections. The minimal standards allow for a wide range of flexibility in design yet still maintain interoperability with all modules built per the standards. The popularity of T-TRAK is worldwide allowing for modules from all over the world to connect together. T-TRAK modules are dioramas with sectional track, specifically Kato Unitrack, that snap together to create layouts from a simple circle to large complex layouts. The modules are designed to fit on tables but could just as easily be setup on any flat surface from the floor to taller benchwork. Layouts are easy to assemble and even easier to disassemble for those that do not have permanent space for a layout. The convenient size of the modules make them easy to store on a shelf or in totes when not in use, or to transport should the need arise.


2-TRAK is Keystone N-Trak's standard for its travel modules. This module standard allows us more flexibility in designing working layouts in a variety of sizes for location or occasion. It also allows us to keep the weight of the modules down and takes up less space where storage is concerned. 2-TRAK is loosely based on N-TRAK with some differences.