Modules are built 24" wide and in lengths of 2 ft., 4 ft., 6 ft. and 8 ft. with the 4 footer being the "work horse" or most popular. They stand 40" from the floor to the top of the rail. Adjustment bolts allowing a range of 1" +/- are inserted in the bottom of each leg to help compensate for unlevel flooring. Various construction methods and materials can be used as long as the module corners are square. Modules are joined in a layout by clamping with two "C" clamps and inserting 5" sections of Atlas "Snap Track". Remove the tie from one end so that the rail joiners will slide fully on. Place joiners on other end, put in place, and then slide joiners into position.  For clamp clearance, top of rail to opening for "C" clamp should be approximately 4.5".

Click here for a two-page PDF file that depicts more in depth information of the basic, standard 2'x4' straight N-Trak module, including position of required tracks, wiring and legs. 

The full N-TRAK 24 page "Module Manual" can be downloaded here.